2008 Legislation

2008 Legislation Sponsored by the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB)

AB 717 (Fuller), Chapter 582, Statutes of 2008―Victim Compensation Omnibus

The VCGCB's sponsored Victim Compensation Omnibus Bill that makes four improvements to the Victim Compensation Program:

AB 2597 (Leno), Chapter 37, Statutes of 2008―Government Claims Bill

The VCGCB's first Government Claims Bill of 2008:

SB 462 (Torlakson), Chapter 338, Statutes of 2008― Government Claims Bil

The VCGCB's second Government Claims Bill of 2008: 

Other Chaptered Legislation of Interest

AB 2809 (Leno), Chapter 587, Statutes of 2008 – Minor Victims: Mental Health Counseling

Allows the VCP to compensate mental health counseling for a minor, if not otherwise eligible, who suffers emotional injury resulting from witnessing a violent crime:

AB 2928 (Spitzer), Chapter 752, Statutes of 2008 – Collections: Amounts Imposed by Courts

Authorizes CDCR to contract with the Franchise Tax Board’s Court-Ordered Debt Collection Program to collect restitution orders imposed against any person who is or who has been under the jurisdiction of CDCR.