2012 Legislation

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Bills Sponsored by the Victim Compensation And Government Claims Board (VCGCB)

AB 1531 (Fuentes) — State Claims
VCGCB's first Government Claims Bill of 2012, which will appropriate $859,738.51 to pay 273 claims approved by the Board from June 2011 through December 2011.
Effective 7/23/12 (Chapter 156, Statutes of 2012)

SB 1065 (Kehoe) — State Claims
VCGCB's second Government Claims Bill of 2012, which appropriates $624,671.86 to pay 117 claims approved by the Board from January 2012 through April 2012.
Effective 9/17/12 (Chapter 357, Statutes of 2012)

Other Bills Affecting the VCGCB

SB 1299 (Wright) — Victims of Crime: Compensation
This bill extends the filing period for CalVCP applications from one year to three years and specifies reasons for acceptance beyond that filing period. It also prohibits reductions to CalVCP maximum rates and service limitations from applying to reimbursement of medical or mental health expenses incurred within three months after adoption of the change. It also includes several technical changes to CalVCP statutes.
Effective 1/1/13 (Chapter 870, Statutes of 2012)
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SB 1210 (Lieu) — Restitution: Collection of Fines
This bill enhances restitution collection authority for local jurisdictions to address the implementation of public safety realignment, as follows: (1) authorizes counties to collect up to 50 percent of the wages and trust account deposits of prisoners in county jails and to assess an administrative fee for costs of collection; (2) authorizes counties to impose revocation fines on offenders which are payable upon violation of post-release community supervision or mandatory supervision; (3) allows any portion of a restitution order that remains unsatisfied after a defendant is no longer on post-release community supervision or mandatory supervision to be enforced by the county collection agency or by the victim as a civil judgment; and (4) allows court-ordered debt over $100.00 imposed by a juvenile court to be referred to the Franchise Tax Board for collection.
Effective 1/1/13 (Chapter 762, Statutes of 2012)

SB 1371 (Anderson) — Victim Restitution: Fines — Default
This bill prohibits restitution fines and orders owed by offenders from being converted to prison time served.
Effective 6/28/12 (Chapter 49, Statutes of 2012)

Bills Affecting Victim Rights And Services