2014 Legislation

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Bills Sponsored by the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB)

AB 2685 (Cooley) — Restitution Collection
This bill is sponsored by the Board to enhance the collection of restitution from criminal offenders by: (1) allowing a representative of the Board to provide information on the Board’s economic losses to the court for purposes of including them in a restitution order, and (2) expanding the current requirement that the Board be notified when an inmate is scheduled to receive funds from an estate to include former inmates in addition to current inmates and to include beneficiaries in addition to heirs.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 508, Statutes of 2014)

SB 1031 (De Leon) — Government Claims Bill
VCGCB's first Government Claims Bill of 2014, which appropriates $776,946.59 to pay 332 claims approved by the Board from May 2013 through December 2013, and $305,900.00 to pay the erroneous conviction claim of Mario Rocha.
Effective 9/9/14 (Chapter 313, Statutes of 2014)

AB 1617 (Gatto) — Government Claims Bill
VCGCB's second Government Claims Bill of 2014, which appropriates $745,042.81 to pay 136 claims approved by the Board from January 2014 through April 2014, and $1,450,200.00 to pay the erroneous conviction claims of Jose Luis Diaz, Johnny Williams and Francisco Carrillo.
Effective 9/9/14 (Chapter 303, Statutes of 2014)

Other Bills Affecting VCGCB

AB 1629 (Bonta) — Crime Victims Compensation: Reimbursement of Violence Peer Counseling Expenses
This bill expands the Victim Compensation Program’s reimbursement of mental health counseling expenses to include peer counseling services provided by a service organization for victims of violent crime. Currently, the Program may only pay for peer counseling services provided by a rape crisis center. It requires that a peer counselor be supervised by a licensed marriage and family therapist, educational psychologist, clinical social worker, or professional clinical counselor. These provisions expire on January 1, 2017 unless extended by further legislation.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 535, Statutes of 2014)

AB 2264 (Levine) — Victim Compensation: Guide, Signal, or Service Dogs
This bill has been gutted and amended from an unrelated health bill. It now provides that an individual with a disability whose guide, signal, or service dog is disabled or killed due to a criminal act is eligible for compensation from the Victim Compensation Program if the defendant is unable to make restitution. Compensation may include up to a total of $10,000.00 for the reimbursement of veterinary bills, replacement costs of the dog, or other reasonable costs deemed appropriate by a court.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 502, Statutes of 2014)

AB 2545 (Lowenthal) — Victims of Crime: Military Sexual Assault
This bill prohibits denial of a Victim Compensation Program application with respect to a claim based on sexual assault committed by military personnel against military personnel, solely because the sexual assault was not reported to a superior officer or law enforcement at the time of the crime.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 506, Statutes of 2014)

SB 384 (Gaines) — California Memorial Scholarship Program
This bill reopens eligibility for the California Memorial Scholarship Program, which provided scholarships to dependents of California resident victims of the September 11th attacks. It requires VCGCB to identify all persons who are eligible for scholarships and to notify them of their eligibility by July 1, 2015. It requires that eligible participants execute participation agreements by July 1, 2016.
Effective 8/22/14 (Chapter 242, Statutes of 2014)

SB 419 (Block) — Restitution: Collection of Fines and Fees
This bill authorizes a local collection program to collect restitution fines and fees from individuals on post-release community supervision or mandatory supervision and county jail inmates who have served a completed sentence in a county jail, and to deduct and retain administrative fees for those collections. It also makes technical changes to statutes related to restitution collection under realignment to more clearly define terms.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 513, Statutes of 2014)

SB 1197 (Pavley) — Restitution: Collection by Counties
This bill authorizes counties to collect restitution orders and fines, and to deduct administrative fees, from offenders on post-release supervision or mandatory supervision and provides that payment of restitution shall be a condition of either form of supervision. It also authorizes a probation officer or district attorney to provide the victim’s contact information and a copy of the restitution order, with the victim’s consent, to the county agency responsible for collecting the restitution.
Effective 1/1/15 (Chapter 517, Statutes of 2014)

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