Missing Children Reward Program Statutes

California Government Code § 13974.1. Establishment of claim and reward procedure regarding missing children

  1. The California Victim Compensation Board shall use the applicable provisions of this article to establish a claim and reward procedure to reward persons providing information leading to the location of any child listed in the missing children registry compiled pursuant to former Section 11114 of the Penal Code or maintained pursuant to the system maintained pursuant to Sections 14203 and 14204 of the Penal Code.
  2. Awards shall be made upon recommendation of the Department of Justice in an amount of not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500) to any one individual. However, as a condition to an award, in any particular case, an amount equal to or greater in non-state funds shall have been first offered as a reward for information leading to the location of that missing child.
  3. The Missing Children Reward Fund is abolished and any remaining balance is transferred to the Restitution Fund. The California Victim Compensation Board shall make awards pursuant to this section from the Restitution Fund, using the appropriation authority provided in Section 13964.


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