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For Immediate Release: June 6, 2012
Contact: Anne Gordon, (916) 491-3821

Assault Victim Finds Relief in CalVCP After Other Sources Fail to Help

Good Samaritan Shot by Bank Robber Compensated for Financial Losses

Sacramento, CA—When a Long Beach bank came up short to financially assist a patron for medical bills accumulated from being shot while impeding a robbery, the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) stepped in and paid the nearly $20,000 balance.

Richard Camp recently told his story on the Dr. Phil show and expressed his disappointment with the bank’s decision, but was grateful for the state’s assistance. All of this was a result of a thwarted bank robbery attempt one Friday morning when Camp walked into his bank of nine years to make a transaction. Soon after, an armed robber entered and began shouting demands and threats before attempting to jump over the bank counter. Camp knew the bank employees and thought to himself, “I want to go home, and I want them to go home.” When the robber’s back was turned to him, Camp tackled him to the ground. Multiple shots were fired as Camp wrestled the would-be robber and retrieved two guns from the suspect before subduing him.

Photo of Richard Camp and his wife

It was when police arrived and the adrenaline wore off that Camp discovered he had been shot in the leg during the altercation. Camp was quickly faced with a mountain of medical expenses, reaching nearly $80,000.00. According to Camp, his wife’s insurance paid for approximately $60,000.00 and he was left to cover the remaining balance.

All too often crimes such as robbery, domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide or elder abuse may cause a victim to sustain significant physical, emotional or financial harm. As the nation’s first and largest Victim Compensation Program, CalVCP exists to ease the burden and provide financial compensation for victims to receive medical, dental, and mental health assistance.

“CalVCP came through for me when others failed to recognize their responsibility in this tragic situation,” said Camp in a recent telephone interview. “The Program was able to provide me with financial compensation for many of my unpaid medical bills and help me with income loss support during my recovery.”

“The Victim Compensation Program seeks to restore the victim to the place of his or her financial situation prior to a crime,” said CalVCP Executive Officer Julie Nauman. “The program is designed to help the victim pay for crime-related expenses and may cover medical and dental treatment, relocation expenses, crime scene cleanup, insurance co-pays and mental health counseling. We are happy to know we could help this brave man, and wish Camp and his family well.”

For more information about CalVCP visit CalVCP Website.

The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) provides compensation for victims of violent crime who are injured or threatened with injury. Among the crimes covered are domestic violence, child abuse, sexual and physical assault, homicide, robbery, drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter.

If a person meets eligibility criteria, CalVCP will compensate many types of services when the costs are not covered by other sources. Eligible services may include medical and dental care, mental health services, income loss, funeral expenses, rehabilitation and relocation.

The Program is not funded by tax-payers. Funding for CalVCP comes from restitution fines and orders, penalty assessments levied on persons convicted of crimes and traffic offenses, and federal matching funds.

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