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For Immediate Release: January 17, 2015
Contact: Jon Myers, (916) 491-3776
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New Awareness Campaign Brings Real Life Depiction of Violent Crime

Education and Awareness Effort Hits Los Angeles Buses, Website, Social Media

A sad adult woman looks out the window from a dimly lit room. Text: Haven't victims paid enough? If you or someone you know has been a victim of violent crime, help may be available. CalVCP can help. Counseling, funeral and burial, medical bills. (800) 777-9229.

Sacramento, CA — The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) has announced a new advertising campaign that will permeate Los Angeles DASH, Long Beach Transit and Burbank Metro buses with images depicting the victims of violent crimes in an effort to raise awareness of the program that provides much needed services to victims of violence.

“We have always strived to ensure that anyone who needs our program should know about our program,” said Julie Nauman, Executive Officer of the California Victim Compensation Program. “This campaign will allow us to continue to reach a broader community and let them know that CalVCP is here to help.”

The transit advertising campaign will begin the week of Feb. 16 and run through the end of March and is expected to reach nearly 28 million people in the greater Los Angeles area. Los Angeles was chosen because of the existing gap between the high number of reported violent crimes and the lower number of CalVCP applications submitted for assistance.

“We simply need to reach more people throughout the Los Angeles area and ensure all victims of violent crime have the opportunity to utilize this state program,” said Nauman. “Through advertising on transit routes we believe we will reach a more targeted audience and increase awareness.”

In 2014, CalVCP ran advertisements in San Francisco, Oakland, Antioch, and Richmond reaching over 20 million people. The impact of this Bay Area campaign led to a rise in victim compensation applications from victims who desperately needed financial and emotional support. The more applications CalVCP receives, the more this program can support victims which can help them move forward with their lives.

CalVCP has placed the ads on their website to share the artwork and continue to increase awareness. Anticipating positive results in the Los Angeles region, CalVCP will conduct similar advertising efforts in the Sacramento, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego areas.

The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) provides compensation for victims of violent crime who are injured or threatened with injury. Among the crimes covered are domestic violence, child abuse, sexual and physical assault, homicide, robbery, and vehicular manslaughter. Last fiscal year, the program assisted more than 600 individuals each week, and provided nearly $62 million in compensation to crime victims.

If a person meets eligibility criteria, CalVCP will compensate many types of services when the costs are not covered by other sources. Eligible services include medical and dental care, mental health services, income loss, funeral expenses, rehabilitation and relocation. Funding for CalVCP comes from restitution fines and orders, penalty assessments levied on persons convicted of crimes and traffic offenses, and matching federal funds.

For more information about victims’ rights and services, visit the CalVCP website.

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An elderly man looks worried, placing his hands to his lips.
An upset-looking adult woman places her hand to her head and looks away as a man advances on her. Spanish text: No han pagado suficiente las victimas? Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido victima de un delito violento, puede haber ayunda disponible. CalVCP puede ayundar. Consejeria, funeral y entierro, cuentas medias. (800) 777-9229.