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For Immediate Release: June 25, 2015
Contact: Anne Gordon, (916) 491-3821
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VCGCB Approves Non-Profits for State Employee Donations

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Charitable Contribution Campaign

Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. Since 1957 Logo.

Sacramento, CA — The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB) recently approved the 2015 Our Promise, California’s state employees giving at work campaign, allowing over 225,000 state employees to donate directly from their paychecks to any of the 2,645 verified charitable organizations.

“The Our Promise initiative gives California state employees a way to extend their generosity and compassion to other Californians in need,” said Julie Nauman, Executive Officer of the California Victim Compensation Program. “ I am proud of the commitment made by state employees to build stronger communities not only through their work at the state, but also by the charitable contributions made year round through Our Promise.”

Our Promise provides a single fund-raising drive which allows state employees to set up pre-tax donations to charities. Since Our Promise’s creation, state employees have donated millions of dollars to thousands of charitable organizations across the United States. Last year, state employees generously gave over $6 million to organizations they felt passionate about, such as The Alzheimer’s Association, 4 Paws for Ability, SOS Children’s Villages, The March of Dimes Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and more.

In January 2014, the VCGCB forged a partnered with the United Way California Capitol Region (UWCCR) to oversee the certification of eligible charitable non-profit organizations.

“We are thrilled with the partnership we have with the State of California and with the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board and making this process more efficient for all parties involved,” said Andy Sheehy, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for UWCCR. “Thanks to this streamlined process we are able to cut administrative costs and put that money to better use with the charities we serve.”

State employees can sign up for payroll deductions resulting in significant investments in our communities. These nonprofit organizations have the ability to use these donations to help those in need, showing that every donation can help make a difference.

The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) provides compensation for victims of violent crime who are injured or threatened with injury. Among the crimes covered are domestic violence, child abuse, sexual and physical assault, homicide, robbery, and vehicular manslaughter. Last fiscal year, the program assisted more than 600 individuals each week, and provided nearly $62 million in compensation to crime victims.

If a person meets eligibility criteria, CalVCP will compensate many types of services when the costs are not covered by other sources. Eligible services include medical and dental care, mental health services, income loss, funeral expenses, rehabilitation and relocation. Funding for CalVCP comes from restitution fines and orders, penalty assessments levied on persons convicted of crimes and traffic offenses, and matching federal funds.

For more information about victims’ rights and services, visit the CalVCP website at

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