Office for Victims of Crime
2013 Crime Victim Compensation Program Initiative Grant

In 2013, the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) was awarded federal grant 2013-VF-GX-K012 by the Office for Victims of Crime in the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs to identify underserved victims of crime in California, determine their unmet needs and barriers to services, and implement program improvements to address those gaps.

Grant Reports

Baseline Data Report: A Comparison of 2010 Crime Rates and Victim Compensation Awards

This report analyzes victim compensation usage in California and compares that usage with crime and census data. The data used for this baseline report is drawn from the year 2010. Calendar year 2010 was chosen because, in addition to data about victim compensation utilization, both crime data and census data were available.

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Needs Assessment Report

This report is the result of research, qualitative and quantitative surveys, and interviews with victims, mental health providers, community-based organizations, and government agencies. It provides a profile of the needs of victims in California, the challenges faced in reaching the underserved, and the barriers that prevent victims from fully accessing services and compensation.

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Gap Analysis Report

This report synthesizes the data from the Baseline Data and Needs Assessment Reports to identify unmet needs and gaps in access to victim services and compensation.

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Implementation Plan

This plan describes strategies and activities CalVCP will implement to reduce the gaps and barriers to access in compensation and services.

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Project Summary

This report provides a concise summary of the activities and reports of the grant.

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Crime Victim Compensation Program Initiative: Final Program Evaluation Report

This report was written by California State University, Sacramento’s Institute for Social Research (ISR). ISR was hired as an objective third-party evaluator to measure the effectiveness of achieving increased awareness of and improved access to CalVCB via strategies implemented over the course of the grant.

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