Trauma Recovery Center Grant Questions and Answers

September 6, 2013

1. Do applicants need to serve all of the populations and types of crime listed on page 7 of the application?

As stated on page 7, “The Board, when considering grant applications, shall give preference to a trauma recovery center that conducts outreach to, and serves, the following: … ”

2. In reference to the requirement for evaluation, does it need to be an independent evaluation with a control group, or are you simply looking for a plan to collect data on services provided and outcomes achieved by the population served?

An independent evaluation with a control group is not required. The evaluation protocol is required in order to assess the effectiveness of the clinical intervention program.

3. Is it essential to have psychiatrists in addition to psychologists funded by this grant? Often psychiatrists do not need to be accessed on a frequent basis, and can be seen by the client at their medical provider.

The NOFA stipulates that an eligible applicant must meet various criteria, including “Provide…[A] multidisciplinary staff of clinicians that includes licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers” (see 5.2.e). The licensed psychiatrist(s) can be a salaried or contracted position. Your grant application should describe how this will be achieved.

4. We have a level II trauma center. In addition to direct medical care provided at the center, we provide all the services outlined in the RFP, however, many of these services are offered through different hospital programs. Would it be acceptable for us to request funds to bring many of these isolated services together under one Trauma Recovery umbrella/one program? This would be hugely beneficial in helping us coordinate and manage services and more effectively evaluate the impact of our work on victims of trauma and their families.

Any entity may make the decision to apply, but eligibility cannot be determined until the scoring process is implemented.

5. I am writing on behalf of a non-profit community mental health center based in Florida that has been providing trauma-specific services for almost 20 years. They are interested in opening a satellite agency in San Diego and have partners in place to carry out this project. Is this grant opportunity available for organizations based outside of California that have a replicable model for carrying out the program requirements?

Any entity may make the decision to apply, but eligibility cannot be determined until the scoring process is implemented.

6. Is there a certain number of awards that will be granted with the $2,000,000.00 or will this funding be awarded to one organization?

The number of awards granted will be based on a variety of factors, such as number of qualified applicants and funds requested.