Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work

Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work since 1957

As of July 1, 2016, the Department of General Services is the governing authority over the Our Promise campaign. For more information, please contact ourpromise@dgs.ca.gov or (916) 376-5317, or see DGS's Our Promise site.

This campaign provides a single, coordinated fund-raising drive that allows state employees to direct regular contributions from their paychecks to any of the hundreds of participating charitable organizations. State employees annually donate millions of dollars to hundreds of charitable organizations.

Each year, the CalVCB approves the certification of charities for publication in the Donor Resource Guide. The CalVCB also approves organizations to manage the campaign in various regions throughout the state. These organizations are known as Principal Combined Fund Drives (PCFD). All applicants must certify their exempt status under California Revenue and Taxation Code section 23701(d) and United States Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). They must also certify compliance with the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, Part 2.8 (commencing with Section 12900).

State of California Employees: Please note that the "Organization Code Number" required on the Our Promise Pledge Form can be found in the Donor Resource Guide, published annually by the United Way.