2017 Crime Victim Related Legislation

AB 1061 (Gloria) ― Victim Compensation Board

This bill would modernize statutes governing CalVCB by expanding benefits in order to meet the needs of victims in California. Among the changes are authorizing the reimbursement of income loss, transportation and child care expenses resulting from crime-related appointments, and increasing the limits for reimbursement of relocation, residential security, and crime-scene cleanup expenses.

Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

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AB 44 (Reyes) ― Workers’ Compensation: Victims of Terrorist Attacks

This bill would require employers to provide immediately accessible advocacy services to employees injured in the course of employment by an act of domestic terrorism when the Governor has declared a state of emergency due to that act of domestic terrorism.

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AB 194 (Patterson) ― Victim Restitution: Court Jurisdiction 

This bill would provide that a court retains jurisdiction over a defendant for purposes of imposing or modifying restitution for a period of 5 years following sentencing, or until the expiration of probation or mandatory supervision, whichever is later.

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AB 334 (Cooper) ― Sexual Assault 

This bill would prohibit costs incurred by a clinic or sexual assault forensic medical examination team, including nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants as qualified health care professionals, from being charged directly or indirectly to the victim of assault.

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AB 900 (Gonzalez Fletcher) ― Human Trafficking: Income Loss

This bill would authorize CalVCB to provide compensation equal to loss of income or support that a victim incurs as a direct result of the victim’s deprivation of liberty during the crime if the qualifying crime is human trafficking. The bill would require CalVCB to use specified valuation methodologies regarding restitution for human trafficking victims and to adopt guidelines on or before July 1, 2018, that allow CalVCB to rely on evidence other than official employment documentation.

Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

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AB 1384 (Weber) ― Trauma Recovery Centers

This bill would require CalVCB to use the Integrated Trauma Recovery Services model developed by the San Francisco Trauma Recovery Center when it provides grants to trauma recovery centers.

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SB 321 (Monning) ― Erroneous Conviction Claims: Special Master

This bill would require the Governor to appoint a Special Master, subject to confirmation by the Senate, to oversee erroneous conviction claims that are submitted to CalVCB and require a hearing.

Held in Senate Appropriations Committee

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SB 381 (De Leon) ― Victims of Crime: Applications

This bill would define “time of processing applications” as the period of time that begins when CalVCB first receives an application and ends when a decision to approve or deny is made and notice is sent to the applicant. It would require CalVCB to post on its website, on an annual basis, its progress and current average time of processing applications, and the number of applications approved and denied.

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