Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015 Resource Kit

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CalVCP is dedicated to providing resources to help victims of crime and spreading awareness of domestic violence. This 2015 DVAM Resource Kit features web banners, graphics, posters, and fliers. Help spread awareness on social media — see our list of sample posts for Domestic Violence Awareness Month below.

Check back soon for more DVAM resources!

For more resources, see the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence's Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015 page, as well as their calendar of events for October!

Facts & Research

Fact Sheet

Domestic violence can happen to anyone in any community. Inform yourself and your community with CalVCP's domestic violence fact sheet.

PDF showing Domestic Violence fact sheet
Domestic violence fact sheet

(5½ in × 8½ in | 194 KB | pdf)

CalVCP Issue Page

Learn more about the difficulties that victims of domestic violence face, DV statistics, and the help available to victims on CalVCP's Domestic Violence Issue Page.


Public Service Announcement

Youtube video showing A dark depiction of one woman's reality
Afraid to Leave, Afraid to Stay

A dark depiction of one woman's reality. Every minute 24 people become victims of domestic violence. This October, the CalVCP is working to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence.

View and share the video on YouTube →

View other DV-related videos from CalVCP →

Podcast Episode

Youtube video of Executive Director Beth Hassett sharing information about Victim Services
Victim Services Talk Episode 8: WEAVE and Domestic Violence Awareness

WEAVE Executive Director Beth Hassett shares information on how her organization is working to end domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

View and share the video on YouTube →

View other DV-related videos from CalVCP →

Social Media Posts

You can use your social media to spread awareness and inspire action against domestic violence. Tweet, pin, post, or adapt the sample posts below throughout October to reach out to your community and engage them in the effort!

  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Help end #DV in your community.
  • #DV is far too common: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will become victims.
  • October is about preventing #DV & helping victims heal. Learn how:
  • Speak out during #DVAM. Help eliminate #domesticviolence from our communities. Learn how:
  • Celebrities are standing up to say #NOMORE to #DV:
  • #Domesticviolence in one home hurts the entire community. Spread awareness & help victims heal with these resources:
  • Statistically, you know several victims of #domesticviolence: it affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men.
  • It costs over $5.8 billion each year. #Domesticviolence knows no boundaries.
  • Is it abuse? Find #DV warning signs & call or text @loveisrespect for support at any time!
  • Children may try to intervene to stop #DV, putting them at risk of injury or death. #DVAM facts:
  • Don't tolerate #domesticviolence in your community. If you hear #DV, call 911.
  • 1 in 3 female homicide victims was murdered by her current or former partner. Get the facts on #DV:
  • Over 3 million children every year are exposed to #DV.
  • 1 in 4 women experiences #DV. You probably know someone who could use help. Share these resources for victims:
  • The costs of #domesticviolence: Children who are exposed to #DV are more likely to suffer long term health problems.
  • Over 60% of #DV crimes occur in the family home, but the effects don't stay at home. (Via @HelpingVictims' Resource Guide)
  • Women aged 20–24 are at greater risk of becoming #DV victims.
  • If you overhear what might be a #domesticviolence incident, call 911. You could save a life.
  • Young girls who witness #DV are more likely to become victims of abuse as adults. #DVAM factsheet:
Fight domestic violence on social media. #DVAM

Graphics and Web Banners

Social Media Graphics

Change your social media profile pictures during October as a quick, simple way to spread awareness. Encourage the people in your networks to join the effort by posting:

One in four women and one in seven men are victims of domestic violence. This has to stop. I'm changing my picture to a purple ribbon during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Spread the word by changing your picture and reposting this message.

Website Graphics

Silence hides violence: Be a Voice. Socks for Survivors. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Silence Hides Violence banner

(1800 px × 450 px | 120 KB | jpg)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence Knows No Boundaries. Together we can end it.
Silence Hides Violence square graphic

(360 px × 360 px | 66.3 KB | jpg)

Suggested Colors

Hex: #592e7a
Red: 89
Green: 46
Blue: 122

Hex: #c46bab
Red: 196
Green: 107
Blue: 171

Hex: #e7ddef
Red: 231
Green: 221
Blue: 239

Additional Domestic Violence Resources