For Victims: Getting Started

At CalVCB, we work to reduce the impact of crime on victims’ lives. We reimburse crime-related expenses, connect victims with services and support, and do all we can to inform and empower victims.

Start down the path to recovery and healing today.

Supporting the Supporters

CalVCB values the support of its community partners in victim advocacy and victim services, and is dedicated to providing the tools and resources they need in order to help victims recover, heal, and thrive.

CalVCB Annual Report 2020-2021

Our newly published annual report highlights our mission, vision and values, and provides an overview of our accomplishments over the past fiscal year, including:

  • Providing $52.7 million in compensation to victims
  • Speeding up application processing times by 40 percent

We have also published a statistical supplement for more detailed information on the people we have served and the help we have provided over the past three fiscal years.

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