California has established the Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program. Survivors of state-sponsored sterilization can apply for compensation through CalVCB in January 2022. Please check back for more details.

Board Actions

Precedent Decisions

The CalVCB reviews and decides precedent decisions, as needed.

01-03: Applicant’s failure to testify is a bar program eligibility.

12-01: There is a threat of injury presumed when a burglary of a residence occurs while victim is present and aware of the crime.

01-08: Barriers to cooperation with law enforcement.

01-06: Victim’s failure to cooperate with law enforcement is a bar to program eligibility.

01-05: Parent’s duty to make children available for questioning.

01-07: Sober passenger unaware that driver was under the influence.

11-01: A reduction of a felony conviction to a misdemeanor is not retroactive for compensation purposes.

11-02: Compensation is based on the law in effect at the time the application was submitted.

03-03: Reimbursement of psychological evaluation ordered by family law court not an eligible expense.

04-04: Program to consider additional factors when a victim did not have knowledge of the VCP.

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