Funeral & Burial Service Providers

CalVCB, under most circumstances, may pay up to $12,818 for the funeral, burial or memorial service of a deceased victim after other available sources of payment have been applied.

CalVCB cannot pay for:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coroner’s charges (GC § 27472 and Cal. Code Reg., tit. 2, § 649.18(b))
  • Mortuary charges from Consumer Affairs – Cemetery Fund Quarterly Fee
  • Memorial jewelry or accessories, jewelry chains, trinkets or souvenirs that are made from ashes or not designed for the sole purpose of holding the ashes
  • Finance or interest charges, or processing fees on a funeral and burial bill (Cal. Code Reg., tit. 2, § 649.18(b))
  • Memorial services beyond those considered usual and customary in the deceased victim’s culture
  • A pre-purchased funeral or grave purchased for the victim (Cal. Code Reg., tit. 2, § 649.18(b))
  • Third party applications – applications filed by a mortuary or other third-party service provider (Cal. Code Reg., tit. 2, §§ 649.12 and 649.18(b))

Who can Submit

The person responsible for paying for the victim’s funeral arrangements may submit the application for funeral and burial benefits. CalVCB cannot accept applications filed directly by a service provider, such as a mortuary, funeral home or cemetery (CCR § 649.18(b)).

CalVCB cannot pay the expenses of a person who is: on probation, on parole or on post-release community supervision for a violent felony, incarcerated or required to register as a sex offender. CalVCB can reimburse a person who is not a felon or not required to register as a sex offender for funeral expenses, even if the deceased victim was a felon or required to register as a sex offender.


For information on cemetery and funeral and burial services or to find a licensed provider, visit the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

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