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In 2021-22, CalVCB expanded many benefits and services available to victims.

Through legislative and budget changes, CalVCB has grown the Trauma Recovery Center Program and changed how erroneously convicted persons are compensated. The successful launch of the Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program (FISCP) continued support of mass violence victims and compensation for human trafficking victims have also been areas that CalVCB has actively supported victims.

Social Media Post: Social Media post for the Forced Sterilization Compensation Program. After 1979, hundreds of CA state prisoners were sterilized without proper consent, Survivors may qualify for payment from the state.
Social media post from CalVCB’s FISCP outreach campaign

Front and Back of First Responder Cards.
Front and Back of First Responder Cards.

First Responder Cards

California Government Code section 13962, subdivision (b) states that every local law enforcement agency has the duty to inform crime victims about CalVCB.

To support law enforcement with this statutory requirement, CalVCB provides First Responder Cards and other resources.

Learn more about the information and resources we provide to law enforcement.

CalVCB Events and Trainings

Check out some of the recent trainings and events CalVCB has attended.

CalVCB staff tabling at the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Day of Action at the Sacramento Capitol.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Day of Action at the Sacramento Capitol (2/7/2023)


CalVCB Outreach Specialist speaking at the UC Davis Mental Health Conference.

2023 UC Davis Mental Health Conference (1/21/2023)


CalVCB staff tabling at the 17th National Indian Nations Conference.

17th National Indian Nations Conference (12/22/2022)

Tabling Event for American Indians and Alaska Natives

CalVCB Outreach Specialist speaking at the Mexican Consulate San Jose CA.

2022 Annual Mexican Consulate San Jose CA (11/22/2022)

Tabling and Presenting

Outreach Specialist gives a CalVCB Law Enforcement training

Training with Folsom PD (9/16/2022)

Law Enforcement Training

Get Involved with CalVCB

CalVCB has renewed in-person outreach and training, which was suspended during the pandemic, with visits to counties throughout California. The trainings with local victim advocates include extended question-and-answer sessions, providing detailed information on every aspect of CalVCB’s program and how to apply. To request a training or presentation from CalVCB, please complete and submit a Request a CalVCB Presentation Form.

What We Do

In-Person Events


General Training

Advocate Training

Mental Health Forums

Speaking Events

Social Media Post: Do you know Someone who spent time in a California state prison? Visit victims.ca.gov/FISCP for more information.

CalVCB Social Media Campaigns

Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program Social Media Campaign

CalVCB administers California’s Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program (FISCP), which provides compensation for those who were victims of state-sponsored sterilization.

Individuals are able to share our messaging and image on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Recent Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Post: Human Trafficking Victims. Income Loss Compensation Available. Apply Online victims.ca.gov.

Human Trafficking Prevention Month
(Jan. 1st – Jan. 31st)

Social Media Post from Domestic Violence Campaign. Domestic violence victims received nearly $7.4 million in compensation.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
(Oct. 1st – Oct. 30th)

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