Recent Events and Training Webinars

At CalVCB, our Outreach team remains dedicated to serving the community. Online webinars for training and events are available on our website to provide comprehensive information on every aspect of CalVCB’s program, featuring extended question-and-answer sessions and the application process.

Our Recent Events

If you are interested in learning more about our trainings, please email publicaffairs@victims.ca.gov.

To request a virtual training or presentation from CalVCB, please complete and submit the Request a CalVCB Presentation Form.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to prioritize accessibility in all our outreach efforts.

Get Involved with CalVCB

CalVCB has updated its outreach approach by temporarily discontinuing our in-person training sessions and events. Instead, we are implementing alternative methods to reach and educate individuals across California to provide detailed information about our program and the application process. This new format allows for greater accessibility and convenience for individuals interested in learning about our program and engaging with our stakeholders.

To request an online training or presentation webinar from CalVCB, please complete and submit a Request a CalVCB Presentation Form.

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