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CalVCB and law enforcement share a mission to help victims of crime recover and heal. It is critical for law enforcement to make victims aware of the resources available to them and how to apply for assistance.

California Government Code section 13962, subdivision (b) states that every local law enforcement agency is required to inform crime victims about CalVCB. To help law enforcement fulfill this mandate, CalVCB has developed several publications, including fact sheets, first responder cards, and posters that can be shared with crime victims.

California Government Code section 13962, subdivision (c), and Section 649.36 of Title 2, California Code of Regulations state that law enforcement agencies must assign a Victims of Crime Liaison Officer to CalVCB. The liaison must be an officer or other staff member with the law enforcement agency.

The CalVCB Liaison Officer is required to communicate and distribute information within their department about CalVCB resources available to crime victims.

To register a CalVCB Liaison Officer or to update a liaison officer’s contact information, contact Public Affairs at 916-491-6400 or

CalVCB must review crime documentation and other materials to make an eligibility determination.

When law enforcement receives a crime report request from CalVCB, it is important to provide as much detail and documentation as possible.

For questions, contact your local Victim Witness Assistance Center, or CalVCB Customer Service at 800-777-9229.

California Government Code section 13954, subdivision (a), requires law enforcement agencies to respond to requests from CalVCB for crime documents within ten business days.

Law Enforcement Clarification Form – Law Enforcement will be requested to complete this form when the crime report is missing information or clarification is needed.

Mail or fax crime documentation to:

P.O. Box 942003
Sacramento, CA 94204-2003
Fax: 866-902-8669

Law Enforcement Relocation Verification Form – CalVCB may authorize relocation expenses for victims who need to relocate due to a crime. Law enforcement must substantiate the claim.

Mail or fax the completed form to:

P.O. Box 3036
Sacramento, CA 95812-3036
Fax: 866-902-8669

CalVCB developed this 1.5-hour training, A Victim Compensation Course for Law Enforcement, as an annual training to educate law enforcement on informing victims about CalVCB and how to receive assistance.

CalVCB also created this 3-minute video to increase awareness of victim compensation among law enforcement officers. It includes an overview of the Victim Compensation Program and provides information to help officers fulfill their duty of informing crime victims of assistance available to them.

California Government Code section 13962, subdivision (b) states that every local law enforcement agency has the duty to inform crime victims about CalVCB.

Law enforcement agencies and first responders can email CalVCB at for first-responder cards to provide to victims. 

For other free printed materials, email a completed Materials Request Form to

Front of First Responder Card: Were you a victim of crime? We Can Help. CalVCB Logo. 800-777-9229.
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CalVCB CAN HELP VICTIMS OF: • Assault • Battery • Child Abuse • Domestic Violence • Drunk Driving • Elder Abuse • Hate Crimes • Homicide • Human Trafficking • Robbery • Sexual Assault • Stalking • Vehicular Manslaughter How can I get help? Visit Apply online.
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