For Service Providers

Before a provider may receive payment from CalVCB, the provider must submit documentation and receive clearance. CalVCB will then add the provider to its  database. CalVCB does not maintain a list of service providers for victims.

To Obtain Clearance

  • Submit a W9 signed or dated within the last 30 days; billing name and address must match the name and address listed in box 33 of the CMS 1500 form
  • Submit a copy of your license issued by the Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Psychology or Medical Board, if applicable
  • Email completed documents to

Mental health service providers must meet the definition of Authorized Mental Health Providers as described in the California Code of Regulations, Section 649.29 in order to provide services to CalVCB claimants. Crime scene clean-up providers must register with the California Department of Public Health as a trauma-scene waste management practitioner.

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