2022-2025 NOFA Questions and Answers

CalVCB Regional Trauma Recovery Centers (TRC) Pilot Program 2022-25 NOFA Q&A

Posted on 09/26/2022

Q1: NOFA says, “CalVCB will fund $2.5 million to 1 TRC to run satellite offices in two Northern California” and the same thing for Central California. So, does that mean two in addition to the one we have?

A1: Yes, CalVCB will award two additional TRC grants to existing TRCs, $2.5 million each, to operate additional remote offices in different counties. One TRC award will be to operate two regional offices in Northern California, and the second TRC award will be to operate two regional offices in Central California. The two existing TRCs that are awarded the Regional TRC Pilot funding will continue to operate their existing TRCs in addition to the new Regional TRC Pilot programs.

Q2: We would like an application to become part of a Grantee Application to assist with Regional Trauma. (Inquiry submitted by non-existing TRC)

A2: In accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 178, Budget Act of 2022, only current existing TRC grantees are eligible for this one-time special funding. Any organization may apply for a TRC grant through CalVCB’s annual application process, which begins with a Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) posting in winter. TRC grant awards for Fiscal Year 2023-24 will be announced next spring.

Q3: Is there a page limit for the budget narrative?

A3: No, there is no page limit for the budget narrative.

Q4: May the same formats be used, as submitted for the original TRC application, for the Time Task Plan, Client Flow Chart, and Organizational Chart?

A4: Yes, the same formats may be used for the requested documents. Grant application packages should be submitted in the form of a single PDF file and must be submitted via email to grants@victims.ca.gov no later than 2 p.m. PST on Friday, October 28, 2022.

Q5: Please provide clarification regarding the status of the local organization/service providers with which the existing TRC must collaborate, that is, must the local organization be a TRC?

A5: No, the local organization will not be an existing TRC, which is the reason for the pilot program: to bring TRC services to areas where they do not currently exist. However, the local organization may have been awarded TRC funding previously.

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