Recovery from forced sterilization

People who lived in state-run institutions through 1979 were often sterilized. This left them unable to have children. Many people in prison after 1979 were also sterilized by force or without their consent.

The Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program (FISCP) compensates survivors of state-sponsored sterilization. 

Victims can apply for compensation through CalVCB.  If you were sterilized in a state-run institution or suspect you were, apply.

CalVCB will accept applications from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2023.

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How to apply

  1. Complete the application
  2. Submit it to CalVCB
PO Box 591
Sacramento, CA 95812-0591

Forms and instructions

For detailed instructions for completing the application, see the FISCP Application Instructions
If you can’t download or print the application, contact us and we will mail one to you. 

  • Call Customer Service at 1-800-777-9229, Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM 

Or email us at

Proof of eligibility

You may send documentation showing you were sterilized by force or without consent. CalVCB will also search state records to verify your eligibility.

For faster processing, send this documentation with your application. It can include:

  • Documentation of your sterilization
  • Sterilization recommendation
  • Surgical consent forms
  • Relevant court or institutional records
  • A signed statement by someone with knowledge of the sterilization. This could be you, your physician, or someone else.
  • Any other documentation that supports eligibility

About payments

Compensation will include two separate payments. Once CalVCB determines you are eligible, we will send a first payment of $15,000 within 60 days. 

CalVCB will send a second and final payment of $20,000 no later than October 1, 2024.

This compensation will not be considered taxable income for state tax purposes. To learn more about how the payments will be treated, read Health and Safety Code 24217.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I qualify?

For survivors of sterilization in state-run facilities:

  • Sterilization happened between 1909 and 1979
  • You were sterilized while at a state hospital, home, or institution
  • The facility was run by:
    • The California Department of State Hospitals, or 
    • The California Department of Developmental Services
  • The victim was alive as of July 1, 2021

For survivors of sterilization in prison:

  • Sterilization happened after 1979
  • You were sterilized while in a state prison or correctional facility 
  • The facility was run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Sterilization was not required for emergency life-saving medical reasons 
  • Sterilization was not due to a chemical sterilization program for convicted sex offenders
  • Sterilization was for birth control purposes
  • You were sterilized under one of the following conditions:
    • Without consent,
    • With consent given less than 30 days before sterilization,
    • With consent given without counseling or consultation, or   
    • With no record or documentation of giving consent

How much money will I get?

Qualified recipients will receive an initial payment of $15,000. Pursuant to Senate Bill 143, signed by the Governor on September 13, 2023, a second and final payment of $20,000 will be processed and sent to all eligible claimants no later than October 1, 2024.

When will I receive compensation?

An initial payment will be made within 60 days of notice of confirmed eligibility. A second and final payment will be made to qualified recipients by October 1, 2024.

When can I apply?

CalVCB will accept applications from January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2023.

Is my application confidential?

Yes. CalVCB will not disclose to the public any record about a claimant’s application. Information may be shared with other entities, but only to verify eligibility. See CalVCB’s privacy policy.

Can I apply on a survivor’s behalf?

Yes. If you are a legally authorized representative, you may apply on behalf of a claimant. You must show proof that you’re authorized to represent them. See the application form and instructions for directions.

What can I expect after I apply?

You will get a letter saying your application is complete, or asking for more information.

Once we have a complete application, we will review for eligibility. You will get a letter with an eligibility decision.

If your eligibility is verified, you will qualify for compensation. We will send a letter to confirm that.

If your eligibility is not verified, we will deny your application. We will notify you and tell you how you can appeal.

Can I assign a trust or name a beneficiary?

Yes. See the application form and instructions for directions.

How can I learn more?

Send an email to or contact CalVCB Customer Service at 1-800-777-9229.

More resources

External resources

The California Coalition for Women Prisoners has developed a Prison Medical Record Request Guide.


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