California Victim Compensation Board Awards $13 Million in Grants to Trauma Recovery Centers

Contact: Andrew LaMar

California Victim Compensation Board Awards $13 Million in Grants to Trauma Recovery Centers

Sacramento, Calif., — The California Victim Compensation Board voted Thursday to award $13 million in grants to fund 12 Trauma Recovery Centers (TRCs).

TRCs provide trauma-informed mental health treatment and case management to underserved crime victims who may not be eligible for victim compensation or may be fearful of reporting a crime to law enforcement.

Each year, CalVCB awards the two-year TRC grants through a competitive application process. For this cycle, 26 TRCs applied by the Dec. 30, 2020, deadline.

Those winning awards include five first-time TRC grantees. The recipients are:

  1. Amanecer Community Counseling Service (Los Angeles County)*: $2,311,200.00
  2. Safe Harbor (Los Angeles County): $2,201,356.76
  3. Palomar Health Foundation/One Safe Place (San Diego County)*: $1,424,228.51
  4. Strength United / The University Corporation (Los Angeles County): $683,854.60
  5. Olive View (Los Angeles County)*: $1,843,309.65
  6. Special Service for Groups / HOPICS (Los Angeles County): $720,765.40
  7. Rady’s Children’s Hospital (San Diego County): $498,270.60
  8. Partnership for Trauma Recovery (Alameda County): $482,007.26
  9. Solano Trauma Recovery Center (Solano County): $750,354.75
  10. Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (San Joaquin County): $967,103.20
  11. Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance (Contra Costa County)*: $799,275.28
  12. A Quarter Blue (Orange County)*: $322,124.00

*First-time recipients

Funding begins on July 1, 2021, and concludes on June 30, 2023, and comes from the Restitution Fund and the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act. That Act appropriates 10 percent of the annual funds saved due to state prison population reductions to CalVCB for the TRC grant program.


The California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) provides reimbursement for crime-related expenses to victims who suffer physical injury or the threat of physical injury as a result of violent crime. CalVCB helps crime victims and their families cover unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, mental health treatment, funeral and burial expenses, income loss and more. To learn more about CalVCB, visit

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